Saving Costs on Support

Saving Costs on Support

In this difficult economic climate, everyone is now under pressure to reduce costs as much as possible and Oracle support and maintenance renewals are a sensible target.

It is easy to assume that you must keep paying the same and often more each year, but there are options for investigating whether the costs can be reduced.

Don’t assume that the contract and pricing is correct, mistakes can often be made and compounded over time. It is worth checking your support contracts against your original purchases to make sure that everything has been recorded correctly, with pricing, product names, metrics and CSI numbers listed accurately.

If your company has a history of buying bits and pieces throughout the year, this can result in several different renewal dates and CSI numbers. If departments purchase outside of an agreed central contract or through Oracle partners. If you have some contracts inherited via acquisition or merger. All of these may help you if you need to cancel support in future.

Oracle licensing can be complex and difficult to understand, which makes it harder to decide whether it can be cancelled. If you don’t understand Oracle licensing we’re here to help, feel free to drop us a question via or through our website contact form. Otherwise we have our online training courses available at

If you do not have the time or resources to investigate, then we can help. In these tough times most of us are doing much more and finding time to focus on an activity to assess your support may be a challenge. We are offering a free check of your support contracts to see if it is worth spending any time and resources reviewing it. We can ascertain at a high level whether we believe there is opportunity to reduce the support costs. The report will also advise on the potential effort required to follow through on a detailed assessment to help you decide whether it is worth carrying out.

Even understanding your annual support bill does not mean it is correct. Is that legacy reporting system or old application from ten years ago still being used? Have you moved to processor-based licensing but still have named user licences which you are no longer using? If you have had any business change (reduction in headcount, divestment’s, acquisitions, infrastructure refresh etc) then you may be paying support on products not being used. It is also possible that the hardware has changed or updated since the licences were purchased, and this can materially affect the licence requirement.

Contrary to popular belief there are ways of cancelling and reducing your support bill. Oracle have become more hard line on support contracts as support revenue important to them, so they will do their best to keep you paying. However, despite whatever they say, there are ways of cancelling and reducing your support bill.

The first step is to understand how much you are spending across the business for all products. The next step is to assess whether these products are really in use and needed in future. Then look at all the ways it might be possible to remove products and reduce the costs. Don’t forget we are here to help and can advise you whether there are any potential opportunities for savings. We are happy to carry out an initial investigation free of charge - contact us by emailing and we can set up a call.