Software Asset Management For Oracle Licensing

According to ITIL, Software Asset Management (SAM) is defined as

“…all the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of the life cycle.”

For most organisations the objectives of a SAM strategy are to reduce IT costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software.

There are tools and techniques to enable companies to function ethically and within software compliance regulations. This can be important for reducing the risks by eliminating legal costs associated with licence agreement violations and as part of maintaining a company’s reputation.

For many organisations, the goal of implementing a SAM program is very tactical in nature, focused specifically on balancing the number of licences purchased with the number of actual copies installed. This is often limited to the desktop.

However, in most large companies there is significantly more spend and risk associated with data centre software such as Oracle. It is important to maintain detailed inventories of licences purchased and usage of the software and establishing controls to ensure that proper licensing practices are maintained on an ongoing basis.

Often the reconciliation of data centre software is not a straight forward comparison of licence numbers with usage numbers and this adds to the complexity which can also dissuade many organisations from implementing a SAM policy for the data centre.

A combination of SAM processes, purchasing policies and procedures and technology solutions can be used to contain the risks and costs.  There are several software inventory tools on the market, which will discover Oracle software and also carry out a level of reconciliation.

However, there will always be an element of manual intervention and this is where Madora can help you.  We have many years experience in the Oracle licensing world and will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a suitable solution.

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