Oracle Review Support

If you are under threat of a review, or if a Oracle Review is in flight we can help.  You have a number of options and these can vary between the following two extremes:

  • A light touch advisory service where Madora will be in support, helping you through the process and providing validation of any Oracle feedback.
  • Or where Madora carry out a detailed licence compliance review on your behalf so you are armed with all the necessary information to challenge any data or assumptions provided by Oracle. We will then work with you to manage Oracle and reduce any legal and financial exposure.
  • Thank you for your expert advice and support during our Oracle Review process. Having Madora's resources, knowledge and guidance, at hand, throughout this period helped tremendously to make what could have been a very stressful process into a knowledgeable learning experience.

    IT Director
    Financial Services, UK

What is the process?

The review is carried out over 4-6 weeks typically*, using Madora’s own methodology, which will work with any Software Asset Management tool or technique.

Our situational analysis methodology uses a proven approach, honed over the last 12 years based on situational analysis and forensics.

* The actual timescales will be developed as part of the initial project planning phase and will depend upon the size and complexity of your Oracle licence estate.

Why use a third party?

Oracle licensing agreements and metrics ­are known to be complex and are subject to frequent change. Therefore it can be difficult to summarise the exact asset position at a particular point in time. Oracle licences may have been procured under a variety of terms & over time and using several different metrics. Understanding and rationalising the Oracle licence situation can often be difficult and take up valuable time.

What are the deliverables?

Our Oracle licence compliance review is a comprehensive investigation of Oracle licence and usage conditions, including an assessment of current Oracle technology licence grants, contracts and support arrangements. This delivers a detailed report, highlighting areas of over or under-compliance and analysis of contractual terms & conditions, as follows:

  • Licence grants and support agreements held
  • Business systems that run on Oracle software
  • Level of usage of Oracle software deployed
  • Future requirements and trends
  • Level of compliance with current Oracle licences
  • Recommendations and action regarding future licensing requirements