Oracle License Risk Assessment

licence risk assessment


Why do you need a Licence Risk Assessment?

If Oracle was to audit you today, how would you fare? Most firms believe they are compliant or have little non-compliance.

The reality is very different in our experience!

Every Oracle customer we have ever worked with has been non-compliant to some degree. They may well over licensed too, but Oracle is not in the business in letting you know.

Oracle licensing is complex and can prove very costly if not fully understood.   It makes sense to understand the risks you face within your Oracle estate, possible areas of under-licensing, over-spend on support, exposure to an audit.  Reacting to an Oracle audit puts you on the back foot. Non-Compliance can be very costly in terms of time, reputation and money.

Oracle can charge not just for the under licence but also for any ‘unpaid’ back support fees. They also don’t have to honour any price holds or previous discounts.  Running a full licence review is the only way to truly understand the potential non-compliance you may have.  However, a low cost, risk assessment will uncover and highlight the areas that usually prove costly.  If the assessment reports a significant magnitude of risk then you are in the best position to decide on the action to take;  Ignore? Set aside funds? Run a detailed review and get third party advice to resolve any issues?

 What does it cost?

Typical health checks usually last between 3 and 5 days. and cost  £1,250 per day.

After an initial meeting, we will be able to determine the time to complete the work.  Madora can perform a quick diagnosis to determine whether a more detailed review needs to take place.  Why not get in touch today for an initial, non-obligation chat.