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We offer a variety of training courses which are suitable for anyone new to Oracle licensing, right through to more advanced topics. All our training is online and can be accessed through the Madora Academy of Oracle Licensing Training. Contact us for more information or click through to the Madora Academy, using the link above.

We set up the academy to allow Madora to help more students, especially those outside of the UK and to provide a more economic and flexible option. Traditional class room based training can prove to be expensive with additional travel costs. We also believe that having access to the learning materials after the course is a big advantage to aid learning and as a reference. We provide access to all our tutors through the courses, via email, if you have any questions.

I am very much enjoying the course..about to pick up at virtualization today. This course has helped me immensely.


I really have enjoyed the training. I have found the entire series easy to learn and one of the best on-line training I’ve had. You go slowly enough for a novice to understand what you are teaching us and it is a well thought out pathway to knowledge. I have been able to build on the information you have already presented and I believe I am getting a good foundation from which to build.


I’ve run through all the content, I thought it was really clear and well put together.


I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the Oracle course a couple of weeks ago. The course was excellent value for money, and provided much room for thought. I went away convinced that I knew far much more about Oracle licensing than when I entered the building, even though I have been working on Oracle licensing for eighteen months or so.

IT Manager
Manufacturing Company, UK

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