Oracle Cloud Assessment

An Oracle Cloud Assessment is a short high-level investigation into moving your Oracle licence estate to the cloud. It will provide a report highlighting the options and issues for moving your Oracle licences to the cloud, including contractual changes and likely areas which may be either in surplus or shortfall.

What is the process?

Initial kick-off meeting

Gather information on proposals, existing usage & licenses

Present findings

Why do you need an assessment?

It makes sense to understand your current Oracle licences and usage, including possible areas of under-licensing or over-spend on support. Once you have a clear understanding of the existing set up and its licensing and cost status, you can then decide what is the best approach for moving to the cloud. You may decide that Bring Your Own Licences (BYOL) is the best option or it may be preferable to move completely to a subscription model.

By being proactive and understanding your situation better, you are in the best position to plan and budget for the move to Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will need to be involved?

  • IT director or similar role to provide the overview of the Oracle installation.
  • DBA to provide any technical information about the set up.
  • Procurement or finance to provide contracts and purchasing direction
  • On-site or remote?

    The majority of the work will be carried out remotely. However, the initial kick-off workshop and presentation of the findings can be carried out on site if preferred.

    Thanks for all the help. The meetings, communications and end report were very useful, and I do feel more comfortable about our licensing position as a result.

    IT Manager
    Media Company, UK