Managed Service Provider

As part of the managed service your business provides to your customers, you are also expected to include Software Asset Management (SAM), most likely for the desktop and the datacentre.

Your company may already outsource this to a SAM specialist or you have your own in-house SAM professionals. Focus in recent years has been on the desktop and particularly around the Microsoft products, and customers need your knowledge and guidance to steer them through the software licensing minefield and ensure they remain compliant.

As their desktop software is well managed, customers may now want you to start focusing on the datacentre and you may not have very many specialists with knowledge of areas like Oracle and would prefer to use these skills on an ad-hoc basis when there is a specific need.

Madora has the skills to help you. Our team has more than 20 years’ experience of working with Oracle licences and we can help you provide the best possible service to your customers, without needing extra resources in-house.

We offer consultancy on a contract or ad-hoc basis, from an email helpline through to a managed service, we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements and helps you give the best and most cost effective service to your valuable customers.

  • Do your customers wish to implement a datacentre inventory tool to discover Oracle?
  • Will your customers need help with a licence audits?
  • How can your customer make best use of their legacy licences?
  • Does your customer run eBusiness Suite or any of the acquired applications like Siebel?
  • Are you sure of the implications of consolidation using Virtualisation, Clustering, Server Farms and whether this means your customer is still compliant?
  • Are they planning to use Oracle in the cloud?

If you think you may need help, contact us now on 01298 27160 or by email to for more information and to discuss how we could work with you.