Infrastructure Reseller

If your company is a reseller of hardware and infrastructure products, which may include desktop and server equipment, you may also sell software licences and understand the technology offerings from various companies.

However, you may not have access to Oracle skills at the moment and for new projects involving consolidation, virtualisation or clustering you may need to understand the implications of the hardware you are quoting or proposing on the customer’s software licensing position?

For example, use of VMWare may require more Oracle licences than the customer owns if it is configured in a certain way. So the customer expects to save money by consolidating their hardware, but ends up spending more!

Madora has the skills to help you ensure that the architecture you propose is the most beneficial to your customer. Our team has more than 20 years’ experience of working with Oracle licences and our technical architecture specialists can provide you with the best possible configuration for your customers, without needing to have the resources in-house.

We offer consultancy on a contract or ad-hoc basis, from an email help line through to a managed service, we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements and helps you give the best and most cost effective service to your valuable customers.

• Can you ensure that the consolidation you are quoting doesn’t need additional software licences?
• Do you need help with quoting prices for licences, if your customer doesn’t know what they need to buy?
• How will your customer make better use of their old licences if they need new hardware?
• Will you need to include eBusiness Suite or other application licences?
• Are you sure of Oracle’s rules around Virtualisation, Clustering, Server Farms and Disaster Recovery and the implications they have on what your customer needs?

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