Tailored Support for Resellers

Tailored Support for  Resellers

Maybe your company is new to Oracle, but has lots of Microsoft or other desktop product knowledge.

Your company may already sell Oracle licences and understand Database and other technology offerings.

Or you may be an established Oracle reseller, who needs additional resources.

For new projects requiring basic licences the rules are usually straightforward and many resellers have good skills and resources to help their customers. However, many customers still have legacy licences and need help making the best use of them and understanding what their best purchasing strategy is. They also need to understand how any new licences will impact on their legacy estate or perhaps how to save costs on maintenance or re-use existing licences in a better way.

Madora has the skills to help you. Our team has more than 20 years’ experience of working with Oracle licences and we can help you provide the best possible service to your customers, without needing extra resources in-house.

We offer consultancy on a contract or ad-hoc basis, from an email help line through to a managed service, we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements and helps you give the best and most cost effective service to your valuable customers.

  • Do you want to resell Oracle licences, but are unsure exactly what a customer needs to buy?
  • Does your customer need help with a licence audit?
  • Would you recommend a ULA?
  • How will your customer make better use of their old licences?
  • Will you need to assess eBusiness Suite licences?
  • Can you keep up with the plethora of new Oracle acquisitions?
  • Do you need help with quoting prices, if your customer doesn’t know what they need to buy?
  • Are you sure of the rules around Virtualisation, Clustering, Server Farms and Disaster Recovery and the implications they have on what your customer needs to buy?

Contact us now on 01298 27160 or by email to info@madora.co.uk for more information and to discuss how we could help you.