Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

We are often asked questions about Oracle licensing, so we have put together a list of some of the ones we get asked more frequently. Hopefully you found part 1 useful, here is part 2.

1) We only have a handful of users, why do we need to buy hundreds of licences?

Oracle specifies a minimum number of licences for most products. For the database and options these are usually based on the size of the server rather than the number of users. Varieties of Standard Edition have lower minimums. Contact us for help if you are unsure how many you need.

2) Why do we have to pay support, when we don’t use it?

There are 2 parts to the support bill, one covers response to problems and will provide bug fixes and help. The other is to keep your right to use the software at the latest version, so you can upgrade whenever you need to. If you would like some help with saving support costs, contact us and we may be able to reduce your bill.

3) Can we use our existing licences in the cloud?

This depends on several factors, but you can choose to use your existing licences. Otherwise you can surrender what you have or freeze it for future use or just carry on using it but gain the benefits of the cloud. You may decide that Bring Your Own Licences (BYOL) is the best option or it may be preferable to move completely to a subscription model. Contact us if you need some advice.

4) Should we buy a ULA (Unlimited Licence Agreement)?

This depends on a lot of factors, not least whether you are a growing organisation with a need for a lot more Oracle licences in the future. Contact us if you need some guidance.

5) When is the best time to buy from Oracle?

Like most things with Oracle licensing, it depends. It may be their last Quarter ending in May or you will find another time is more suitable for your business. See our recent blog post on Oracle’s Q4.