Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

We are often asked questions about Oracle licensing, so I thought I would put together a list of some of the ones we get asked more frequently.

1) Can we cancel support?

Yes, it is possible to cancel support and there are certain ways of doing it correctly to ensure that you actually save costs. If you have several different CSI numbers Customer Support Identifiers) that makes it easier to cancel some of the licences that are no longer used.

However, if you try to remove some items from a single CSI number, for example you have 10 processors on one CSI and you now find you only need 8, Oracle will recalculate the cost of the support and you usually find yourself paying same amount. If those 10 processors are spread across two different CSI numbers (one with 8 and one with 2) you can cancel the CSI number with just 2 licences on and reduce your overall bill.

We may be able to help you reduce your support contracts, contact us if you feel you are paying too much.

2) Do we need to license development servers?

Yes, in most circumstances you do need to license development and test servers, Oracle doesn’t consider them to be any different from production servers. There are a couple of circumstances where you may not need to license a development server. One is if you are using the Oracle technology network or OTN licence which is for a very specific arrangement. The other is if you have a specific clause in your contract. As an alternative you could save some costs by licensing your development server with the minimum number of Named User Plus licences instead of Processors. Contact us if you are unsure whether you need to license particular servers.

3) How often do Oracle carry out audits?

In general Oracle will expect to run a review or audit every 2-3 years on a particular customer. However, you may not be audited as frequently if you are lucky. Contact us for help if you receive a letter from Oracle.

4) Do you run training courses?

We have a training academy and provide online courses. This allows more flexibility for students and reduces the costs. Check Madora Teachable for more details.

5) We only run Oracle on a small server, why do we need to license the whole environment?

This depends on how you have the small server configured. Perhaps you are using some form of virtualisation. Contact us for help if you are unsure.

Part 1 of @oralicencepro's top frequently asked questions! #oracle #licensing

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