How to Reduce your Oracle Annual Support renewal

Hi, I’m Kay Williams. Today I’m joined by Julie Hatcher Director of SAM programmes at Madora consulting. One area that Madora specializes in is advising Oracle customers on how they can reduce their Oracle annual support bill. Can you just run through some general advice and some tips that you would give an Oracle customer who […]

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Reduce Oracle Support costs with Spinnaker Support

In this interview with Nigel Pullan VP EMEA of Spinnaker Support, we learn about alternative  Oracle support models for Oracle customers The opinions expressed and information given in this article are those of the interviewee and do not reflect the views of (or anyone affiliated with) Madora Consulting  I’m Kay Williams from Madora Consulting. Today […]

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The History of Oracle Licensing Metrics

The History of Oracle Licence Metrics Want to make more sense of Oracle Licensing Metrics? Learn how they evolved over time in this podcast and follow our latest in the series of Oracle licensing for beginners. Oracle Licensing metrics. Photo courtesy of Josep Ma. Rosell(CC Attribution) The Full transcript of the interview is below Kay:                           […]

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five fatal mistakes Oracle licensing

5 Fatal Mistakes of Oracle Licensing Rules

oracle licensing rules – 5 Fatal Mistakes “Five Fatal Oracle License Mistakes”, alright the title is a bit dramatic, but the following 5 mistakes crop up on such a regular basis that we at Madora believe they are worth reiterating. For those experienced with Oracle, they will know the following as classic gotchas and will […]

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The Cost Savings of a Oracle Software Asset Management programme?

 The Cost Savings of implementing an Oracle Software Asset Management programme? Part 3 in our Oracle SAM series. In this short interview with Julie we discuss the three key processes that can reduce Oracle licence costs. Licence Recycling Licence Pool management Licence Exemption Register  Just remember though that the key step before any of this […]

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DBVisit Interview with Kay Williams

Oracle Expert Interview with Anton Els of Dbvisit

Today we have  the second  in our ‘Ask the Expert’ interviews with our guest Anton Els, Vice President Product Development for  Dbvisit This is the second in a series of interviews with prominent experts in the Oracle world.  Anton will also feature in our next podcast ‘Licence Management Today – Episode 09′. The interview is with  Kay […]

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how do I cancel a ULA

How do I cancel an Oracle ULA?

Hi, it’s Keith and I just wanted to share a question I had from a customer. Photo courtesy of psd(CC Attribution) The question was, “How do I cancel an Oracle ULA?”   When I first heard that I thought, wow, that sounds a bit serious. I won’t share the exact details but the  essence of the […]

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licence risk assessment

Oracle License Risk Assessment

  Why do you need a Licence Risk Assessment? If Oracle was to audit you today, how would you fare? Most firms believe they are compliant or have little non-compliance. Every Oracle customer we have ever worked with has been non-compliant to some degree. They may well over licensed too, but Oracle is not in […]

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Architecting Oracle for optimum Licence fees

The challenges of systems architecture and Oracle licensing is known to be complex, costly and highly dependent on the architecture of the target system. System Architects are highly skilled and experienced in meeting their client’s system performance and availability needs. A decade or so ago, by far the largest expenditure was the hardware cost and […]

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