A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 8

A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 8 W, X, Y & Z

We hope you are all staying safe during the lockdown and are managing to carry on working. Hopefully you have enjoyed our A-Z of Oracle licensing terms, rules, metrics and general information and found it helpful.

Rather than put together some odd options for the last letters of the alphabet W, X, Y and Z, we thought it would be better to summarise the key points which you need to understand your Oracle licensing estate.


Make sure you understand your contracts in detail. What are the terms and conditions, who can use the licences, how many do you own and what are the relevant metrics for using them. Always keep copies of any contract documents and paperwork.


What are you using, how do the metrics impact this? Do you use all the products, have you used things you didn't realise like Database Options? Do you need to count the actual number of users or the systems they are running on?


Are you making use of everything you own, could you make better use of it? What about consolidating servers, checking how you have set up virtualisation or considering a move to the Cloud? How often do you carry out housekeeping for application users? Can you remove or end-date those who don't need a userid anymore? Is there an alternative metric or product you could use to improve your utilisation?


Will you be able to save costs? Could you reduce your annual support bill? Do you have some flexibility over your support contracts? Is there a third party who could run the systems or help you move to the Cloud?

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