A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 7

A-Z of Oracle Licensing - Part 7

This time we are following up our recent Support Savings Blog with a look at 3 areas that have an impact on your support costs. We hope you will find this useful, but if you are looking for more information particularly on how to save costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to You can also look at our online training courses at which may help you review some of your support costs yourself.

T is for Third Party Support

There are several third-party companies available providing support services and two credible companies are Spinnaker and Rimini Street.  Moving to third party support for some of your estate may be worth considering if you have older versions of products and stable, mature environments which are unlikely to change or need upgrading.

You may make significant savings. There are additional blogs on our website explaining in a bit more detail about this option or contact us if you would like some more information on how to investigate this possibility.

U is for ULA

A ULA or Unlimited Licence Agreement is a specific type of contract, covering a small number of agreed products for a specified time. Most ULAs will also limit your deployment in a Cloud or Virtualised environment.

During the term of the ULA, you can install as much as you like of these specified products and indeed you should try to maximise this to get the best value. Then at the end of the term, there will be a requirement to declare how many are installed and certify these numbers officially and this will be set as your perpetual licences from then on.

One of the areas you should consider before going into a ULA is whether the increase in support payments is good value for your situation. Your existing support stream will be rolled into the new support for the ULA rather than being cancelled, meaning your new support stream going forward will be higher and this may be an issue.

The cost is paid up front, so there is a risk that you don’t utilise enough licences over the term of the ULA to make it worth the cost and end up paying more support than previously, without a corresponding benefit in the number of licences owned. If you are unsure about taking out a ULA, extending or certifying an existing ULA or saving support costs, please email us for help.

V is for Versions

Paying annual support gives you access to the latest version of any Oracle product. This means that you can upgrade whenever you want to or whenever you are advised to if it fixes a problem.

This is important for those environments which are still developing or maturing. However, there may be a possibility to save costs if you have an older, stable application which doesn't need to be upgraded. You may choose to move away from Oracle support to an alternative or cancel support altogether.

If you are considering what to do to save costs, contact us and we will be able to help you. We are currently offering a free check of your support contracts to see if there is likely to be any opportunity to save.