A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 5

A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 5

We’ve had a short break but now we’re back and completing with our A-Z of Oracle licensing terms, rules, metrics and general information. This time looking at M, N and O. Hopefully you are finding it helpful, but if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to info@madora.co.uk or check out our online training courses at https://madora.teachable.com/

M is for Minimums

  1. The minimum is the base value of the product to the customer, it is the starting cost.
  2. Database Options, for example Partitioning don't have minimums but the quantity of licences must match the attached product.
  3. There is a low minimum for Database Standard Edition and this was in place to attract new customers, the newer Database Standard Edition 2 has a higher minimum of 10 Named User Plus per server, one to check if you are upgrading.
  4. You can buy less than the specified minimums in a particular order, provided you have some licences already and overall the minimums are covered.
  5. A list of the minimums is supplied in the Licence Contract T&C's. This is covered in our Foundation Training if you want to learn more.

N is for Named User Plus

"An individual authorized by you to use the programs which are installed on a single or multiple server(s), whether or not they are actively using the programs at any given time."

Don’t forget, non-human operated devices are also counted if these access the database.

If you have a server with a small number of users you may want to license by the Named User Plus metric rather than the Processer metric. You still need to calculate the number of licensable processors, then account for the user minimums, see M.

Oracle may let you migrate Named User Plus licences to Processor licences in the future, but it probably won’t be a straightforward process and there are ratios to consider, contact us if you think you may need help.

O is for Oracle Partner Network

The Oracle Partner Network is also known as OPN and has different program levels which match the different types of partners and their own requirements.

Oracle has recently upgraded OPN and provides enhanced benefits for partners.

Don’t forget we can help with licensing any of the Oracle products if you are unsure, so don’t hesitate to contact us or look at Foundation and Advanced courses https://madora.teachable.com/

Look out for our next Blog P, Q, R and S.