A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 3

A-Z of Oracle Licensing – Part 3

Here is some more of our A-Z of Oracle licensing terms, rules, metrics and general information. This time looking at G, H and I. Hopefully you are finding it helpful, but if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to info@madora.co.uk or check out our online training courses at our teachable site.

G is for Generic Hosting Rights

Generic Hosting was an additional licence type that allowed the end user to use the Oracle database as part of a SaaS offering for third party software. For example Company 1 decides they will provide an application for Company 2 as a service. Company 1 does not own the intellectual property rights to Company 2's software, they are just licensing their application to provide to their customers. If they are using Oracle database on the back end, this would be counted Generic Hosting.

Oracle no longer allows this type of hosting as they now provide their own Cloud offerings, such as Platform as a Service.

H is for Hyperion

This is one of the companies purchased by Oracle, back in 2007 and the licensing rules changed when the company moved across. The Business Intelligence products are still developed and sold by Oracle.

Hyperion products are generally licensed in the same way as Oracle's other applications using the Application User Metric, with some exceptions, and there are minimum quantities required. Some customers have the older Hyperion products and these may need to be migrated. Talk to us if you need help or advice.

I is for Internet Application Server

This is one of the older Technology products, but is still in use. Particularly customers continue to use the Forms and Reports elements, which can also be purchased separately. The licensing is similar to Database licensing, taking account of the total number of cores in use, then applying the core factor. However, the user minimums are 10 per processor rather than 25 and this may be useful for Development or Test servers where the user numbers are lower.

Don’t forget we can help with licensing any of the Oracle products if you are unsure, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Watch out for our next Blog which will cover J, K and L

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