5 things you should know about Oracle’s Q4

​1) "Is it the best time to buy?"

A large portion of Oracle’s business is carried out in Q4 and this is often the best time to buy if it fits in with your own business buying cycle and suits your project(s).

However, if you end up spending money outside of your budget period or you buy too far in advance, the extra discount may not be worth it in the long run as you end up spending more on support overall. Let us know if you need some advice; info@madora.co.uk

2) "Will I get a better deal if I buy in Q4?"

Negotiating with Oracle for them to get approvals takes quite a bit of time and may require several iterations. Leaving it right up to the end of the quarter and springing it on the Sales Rep is not such a good idea.  It would be much better to start discussing the opportunity earlier and work through all options available to arrange the best deal. Getting everything ready and negotiated and then delaying until the last possible moment may potentially give a little bit more discount if you say you need more time or need to validate demand. We can help you with negotiation.

3) "Will I be able to cancel support agreements that are due?"

If you have any support agreements due in April or May, Oracle will be keen to ensure you renew them in plenty of time. However, if you have reviewed your renewal(s) and are sure you no longer need all of the products then it may be suitable to cancel and save the costs. However, care is needed as you must to be sure that you are definitely not using the products as there are matching support rules in place and re-pricing can be applied if you only wish to cancel part of a contract. Talk to us if you need help with deciding what is actually being used by emailing info@madora.co.uk

4) "Would I be better leaving it until June or July?"

In general, everything changes at Oracle after year end, so you may have a different account manager or team who are not aware of the negotiations that took place.

There are a few circumstances where it may be suitable to leave it until the first quarter of their new financial year and especially if it fits better with your own project timescales. However, Oracle will need to get the approvals completed again and the discount may be less. If you are unsure, we can help guide your decision.

5) "What happens if we decide to move to the Cloud in the future?"

It might be worth talking to your Oracle account manager about your plans as they may be able to help with extra discounts or flexible usage for trying out their Cloud offerings. Oracle is keen to promote Cloud, so it may help your case whichever quarter you are planning to buy. You can call us on +44 (0)1625 424354 or email info@madora.co.uk if you would like to discuss your plans.

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