5 Go Off On an Oracle Licensing Training Course

1) “What will they discover?”

a) Quick Start / Beginners:- “If they are looking for a great value for money refresher or quick introduction to Oracle Licensing, then this is the course for them.”

b) Foundation:- “There are exercises to test out your learning as you progress through and an exam at the end of this Foundation Level.”

c) Advanced:- “Advanced training topics are Auditing, Software Asset Management and Architectural Implications Licensing.”

​d) “They will get a Workbook to download to make notes.”

e) “Help and Support is available at any point by contacting us via our e-mail; training@madora.co.uk

2) “How much will it cost them?”

​a)​ Quickstart costs as little as $116

​b) Our Foundation level is $476

​c) Advanced:-

  • Our Advanced Architecture Course is $236
  • Our Advanced Auditing Course is $117
  • Our Software Asset Management Course is $177

​d) Look out for our offers or buy a bundle!

  • ​Three Advanced courses as a bundle for $524
  • There is also a Foundation and Advanced Bundle for $839
  • Corporate Packages are available

​3) ​“How long will they be gone?”

a) This is online training using video and audio

  • They can dip in and out to suit themselves and take as much time as they need

b) You won't even know they've gone!

  • They can study whilst at their desk or the comfort of your own home, in their own time if necessary wherever you can get an internet connection
  • No time off required

4) “Can I go too?”

​a) Ask us about our Corporate Packages

b) Discounts available for multiple students, just ask!

c) It’s really easy to enrol, just go to; www.madora.co.uk/oracle-licence-training

  • Join the Academy, click on the course you are interested in and enrol.
  • You can pay by Credit Card or Paypal or get your company to issue a Purchase Order and we will invoice them

5) Return for more Oracle Training

  • Follow-up the Foundation with one or more of our Advanced Topics
  • ​Look out for our bundles