Time to migrate off VMware and go Oracle Multitenant?

Time to migrate off VMware and go Oracle Multitenant?

Time to migrate off VMware and go Oracle Multitenant?

We came across a really interesting article from Brian Peasland on TechTarget on why he is moving his Oracle Databases off VMware ESXi to Oracle Multitenant. His primary motive being the cost of Oracle licensing if he upgrades his current version of VMware ESXi from 5,5. to EXSi 6.0 or above. This is due to Oracle License Management Services (LMS) requiring all processors in all of the ESX clusters being licensed as Oracle believe it is too easy to live-migrate virtual machines around.

Although we have many conversations with clients who have a similar issue, Brian offers a new solution of using Oracle Multitenant to still provide that much needed DBA agility without using VMware for his Oracle estate. Brian goes on to discuss the further benefits of using the Multitenant option to manage his Oracle estate, including: reduced DBA workload; the ability to deploy more Databases on the same physical hardware; and faster cloning.  The Multitenant option is a chargeable option but clearly in Brian's case this additional   cost  and benefits outweigh the extra costs in upgrading to ESXi6.0+ and the additional Oracle Licenses.  I also don't know too many clients using this option, so you may have some leverage and be able to obtain some decent terms in such a purchase. See the excerpt below and links to the full article.

Oracle Multitenant is free. But if you do want to run more than one pluggable database in a full multi-tenant architecture, you will need to pay the extra licensing fees.

Five Reasons to migrate to an Oracle multitenant architecture

I’ve begun to move my company’s development and test databases to an Oracle Multitenant architecture. Multitenant isn’t new, having debuted in 2013 with the initial release of Oracle Database 12c, version So, why am I moving to it now?.

Oracle has deprecated the non-Multitenant architecture in 12c. That’s right! You will be forced to move to an Oracle Multitenant architecture at some point in the future

.. Read on to see if your organization should consider joining mine in adopting Oracle Multitenant, which — for those not already in the know — enables you to put multiple pluggable databases into a single container database. Think of Multitenant as virtualization moved to the database level. Source via http://searchoracle.techtarget.com/tip/Five-reasons-to-migrate-to-an-Oracle-Multitenant-architecture

Oracle Multitenant could save on license fees compared to using VMware @oralicencepro #oracle licensing #fun #virtualisation #database

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Want to learn more about Oracle Multitenant? Watch Tom Kytes video on youtube. 

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