Thinking of Leaving Oracle? Microsoft just made it easier with Migration Service to Azure

MS Azure migration for Oracle

Thinking of Leaving Oracle? Microsoft just made it easier

Microsoft Azure, the well advertised Cloud platform that allows you to rent compute and storage requirements to run enterprise applications has announced a new Migration service to make it easier to move your databases into the cloud.

Much of Microsoft's resources have been devoted to getting customers onto Azure, pitching them on the higher computing power it makes available to them, as well as the relative ease with which they can use it to scale up an application as demand rises. But migrating existing technology, like databases, can be tricky, hence these migration services. - Business Insider 

Azure Database Migration Service announcement at Microsoft Build 2017 in Seattle

Microsoft announced a limited preview of the Azure Database Migration Service which will streamline the process for migrating on-premises databases to Azure. Using this new database migration service simplifies the migration of existing on-premises SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases to Azure, whether your target database is Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance or Microsoft SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine.

The automated workflow with assessment reporting, guides you through the necessary changes prior to performing the migration. When you are ready, the service will migrate the source database to Azure. For an opportunity to participate in the limited preview of this service, please sign up.   Read the full article at

Thinking of leaving Oracle? Microsoft Azure just made it easier.@oralicencepro #oracle licensing #fun #cloud #database

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Microsoft is targeting it's own SQL Server, MY SQL and Oracle databases on-prem to move to Azure. A number of sources are touting this as an Oracle land grab, much as Amazon announced with their migration tool. I am sure the tool will make it easier for those clients looking for an alternative to Oracle. This is not the same as Moving and running Oracle in Azure which we have mentioned in the past. This is a full migration to Azure SQL, the relational database based on MS SQL running in their cloud so you don't need any Oracle licensing.

More of a visual person, check out the video from Microsoft Build 2017