Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM)

What can Madora do for you?

Madora Consulting was set up in February 2012 by former Oracle colleagues Keith Dobbs and Jane McCulloch to help Oracle Users and partners understand the complexities of Oracle licensing. We have recently been joined by Julie Hatcher, a former SAM Manager with 9 years’ experience leading a team performing SAM for one of the world’s largest petroleum and petrochemicals firms.

​Our SAM service can be tailored to match your needs and compliment your existing processes and data sources ensuring your inventory is tracked and as up to date as possible. You have a number of options and these can vary between the following two extremes:

• An advisory service where Madora will answer licensing questions and review your support renewals.

• Where Madora completely manages your Oracle licence estate. Keeping track of purchases, usage and renewal of maintenance, using our tools and processes.

With all levels of our SAM services we will review your support renewals, ensuring the products and quantities are correct and help you understand your current entitlement, terms and metrics, offering advice on any potential savings.

What do we offer as part of our SAM Service?

Madora SAM Programme

What are the benefits?

Cost Savings, compliance and legality are just some of the benefits that you can achieve by implementing SAM processes. SAM will enable you to understand your current exposure to risk and make cost savings by tracking unused licences.

What are the risks of not implementing  SAM?

The potential risks of non-compliance include large unbudgeted spend, expensive litigation, negative publicity or the removal of critical software and support.

Oracle Licence Audit eGUide

SAM Process Tool Kit

Get Critical template processes and walk throughs that every SAM implementation should have.

Why should we do this for you?

Oracle Licensing is notoriously complicated and due to the complexity of Oracle licensing, SAM should only be carried out by experts with in-depth knowledge of SAM and its various processes. By engaging Madora you will have access to Madora’s wealth of SAM and Oracle Licensing knowledge expertise via a dedicated Help Line. Oracle licence compliance is continuous, not a one-off process. Once an initial assessment of your licence estate has been made, changes will be tracked on an on-going basis and an up to date inventory will be maintained on your behalf.

What are the benefits of working with Madora?

Madora have in-depth Oracle knowledge and expertise and the team will provide excellence and flexibility in delivery. Our experience and knowledge will assist you in developing sustainable processes for reducing costs and managing software licence assurance. You will have access to a central point for management of inventory and education on Oracle licensing and SAM processes.

What is SAM?

SAM is a process for the comprehensive control of software licence Usage, Compliance and Expense. Organisations put in place teams, policies, processes, procedures and sometimes technology to ensure that they know what licences they have and the levels of product usage. Then they only buy what is required and on the best commercial terms.

Why do you need SAM?

Organisations need to control the distribution and use of software, to ensure they are compliant with licensing requirements. However, tracking and managing software use is a difficult task for IT departments. SAM facilitates a long term, scalable plan for the purchase and use of Enterprise software and support. Without SAM many organisations can become non-compliant. The end result is the increased risk of inaccurate company financial reports, or worse, legal and financial liabilities.

    • Achieve cost savings/avoidance through tight management of software assets e.g. reusing licences
    • Reduce compliance risk through tight management of software assets
    • Asset status monitoring and control

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