Oracle Open World 2017 Wrap Up

Oracle Openworld 2017 Summary

OpenWorld 2017 - The Headlines 

If like us you did not manage to get to Openworld 2017 this year and were also just too busy to follow online, then this article will give you the headlines. Last year was all about going big on Cloud and playing catchup to Amazon and Microsoft. This year still delivers on the expected Cloud updates but also included some news on Cybercrime and Artificial Intelligence. No surprise as these are in vogue with most CIOs today.

Cloud Applications infused with Artificial Intelligence

Oracle  announced new artificial intelligence-based apps for finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, commerce, customer service, marketing, and sales professionals. The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are built into the existing Oracle Cloud Applications to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications.

“The new Adaptive Intelligent Apps enable business users from across the organizations to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence,” said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle. “To make this possible we have eliminated the need for more integrations and embedded AI capabilities across Oracle Cloud Applications. The new AI capabilities combine first- and third-party data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications.”

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Oracle today announces Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service

Expanding its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings, Oracle also announced Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service to help developers quickly create and deploy breakthrough enterprise AI services. Using the new cloud service, organizations can take advantage of deep learning to better understand enterprise data and transform corporate business processes and user experiences. The complexity and time required to set up a complete environment for work on advanced machine learning algorithms can be daunting. With today’s announcement, Oracle is making it quick and easy for developers and data scientists to set up a secure, scalable environment for new deep learning models in the cloud.

 Oracle Cloud has been uniquely engineered to streamline model training by leveraging customers’ essential enterprise data and operating on an industry leading high-speed network, object storage, and GPUs. Oracle AI Platform Cloud instances come pre-installed with familiar AI libraries, tools, and deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, Jupyter Notebook, Keras, NymPy, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow, among others.  Machine learning practitioners also have access to Oracle Object Store and can easily connect to existing Spark/Hadoop clusters.

“AI has the power to be more transformative for the enterprise than any other technology in recent history,” said Amit Zavery, senior vice president, product development, Oracle Cloud Platform.  “Oracle is in a unique position to deliver AI across all layers of the cloud, empowering customers to uncover and unlock critical business patterns in their enterprise data to transform organizational productivity, efficiency, and insight.”

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Chat bots for Oracle Mobile Cloud

Oracle today announced a major update of Oracle Mobile Cloud, featuring artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent chatbot capabilities. Expanding Oracle Cloud Platform’s leading mobile portfolio, the new capabilities offer organizations a multi-channel platform, deep analytics that can link key stakeholder experiences across bots, mobile applications and web, as well as simplified bot development features. Using this powerful portfolio, enterprises can better engage with customers and employees across today’s most popular messaging platforms.

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Oracle's successful HR and Financial cloud software is updated.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, the cloud solution of choice for finance, procurement and project management professionals, has significantly extended the breadth and depth of the solution including the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI)-based finance and procurement solutions.

With more than 4,500 customers in 85 countries, Oracle ERP Cloud is the complete, innovative and secure financial platform delivered seamlessly through the Oracle Cloud. Part of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13, the latest additions to Oracle ERP Cloud include modern capabilities for FinancialsProcurementProject Portfolio Management (PPM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), which enable organizations to optimize operations with adaptive intelligence and standardize business processes, while lowering cost and complexity.

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Oracle Launches Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Service

Part of Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service delivers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with industry leading resiliency, scalability and security. It is fully managed by Oracle and provides customers rapid provisioning and simplified operations with built-in monitoring, continuous backup, and point-in-time recovery

"Blockchain holds the promise to fundamentally transform how business is done, making business-to-business interactions more secure, transparent, and efficient..."—Amit Zavery, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Platform

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No DBA required ? Oracle launches 18c, its autonomous database

Larry Ellison's keynote on Sunday,  kicked off the start of  Oracle's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. With the market's current trend of AI and automation, Larry Ellison presented automation and  machine learning being applied to  Oracle's new  autonomous database.  So a self tuning, self patching database, hmm sounds intriguing.  Can it really replace the countless DBAs in the Oracle ecosystem. I doubt it, but if it can test care of patching a whole bunch of test and dev databases while the DBA's focus on the Production systems then that could be a good time saver.  Larry pushed  security hard and the number of breaches that could have been prevented had the patches been applied.  The biggest pain for most companies is getting permission from the business to take the Production systems down. According to Larry Ellison 18c will be scheduling itself to  patch without any downtime.

So lots of the usual new product updates and new features. The general theme was AI and applying to cloud infrastructure and apps. In the next post we will look at the other announcement Larry Ellison made around licensing for cloud using universal credits.