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“All roads lead back to Madora”

Did you know that Madora Consulting can help Oracle end users? In the past we have provided specialist support to partners lacking Oracle expertise. We are pleased to say that we are growing and can also provide advice to end users whether big or small. Some of the end users we speak to often share the following issues:

  • Unsure what licence and support agreements are currently in place and whether they have any special terms
  • Don’t know if they are getting a good deal from Oracle and what to benchmark their discount levels and support spend against
  • Find the relationship with Oracle combative and want to improve the vendor relationship through a mediator
  • Find it difficult to navigate Oracle and understand the right person to talk to get things done.
  • Do not have an overall view of their Oracle estate or whether is it under control.
  • Do not know what licensing models are appropriate to support future plans and need to ensure they buy optimally
  • Need some client side advice from an independent firm under NDA around concerns with potential under licensing
  • Believe they have an excess of licences and want to explore whether the support bill can be reduced.

If you have any of these type of issues or similar we may be able to help.  Why not get in touch – and take advantage of a free consultation so we can learn a little more of your situation.  If we can help we will offer some options or point you in the right direction to people who can. So what do you have to lose – it’s just the price of a phone call.Please note – we don’t sell licences and have no commercial relationship with Oracle so you can be assured our advice is truly independent.

Get in touch

So what happens after that initial contact?

If after an initial chat we both agree to further detailed discussion we will often meet to do a short review session for 2-4 hours. This session is a high level diagnosis meeting to assess whether there is an opportunity to help you through saving money or reducing risk.  We will deliver a short report of recommendations and next steps after the meeting.If you have a large number of contracts and a complex server estate then we may suggest a more detailed 3 day workshop. The deliverables are the same but clearly more thorough. Going forward from here you may decide to act upon our recommendations to resolve the situation yourself or indeed hire Madora to execute and fulfil part or all of the steps going forward.

A Little bit about us

Madora Consulting was founded in 2012 by directors Jane and Charles McCulloch and Keith Dobbs.  We use our many years of Oracle experience gained from working for Oracle and SAM organisations to endeavour to reduce risks, costs and complexity associated with Oracle Licensing.  We are UK based but work remotely worldwide.  Our level of seniority, knowledge around licensing terms and conditions, agile and flexible approach makes us unique in our field.

All roads lead back to Madora

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