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Did you know that a lot of  good information around Oracle Licence policies actually exists on the Oracle website

Like a lot of information it is not always easy to find and if you don’t know something exists, it is kind of hard to know what to put into Google.

We have compiled a number of  what we hope are useful  links to the Oracle website.  As well as the usual explanations of the Licence metrics, there are also some very important links to the Support policies.  These Support policies are referred to in your Contracts, the Oracle License Service Agreements and the newer Oracle Master Agreements.

Often Legal and Procurement sometimes forget to take a snap shot of these policies after a software purchase. Indeed a lot of clients are not even aware of the Support policies particularly around the de-support of products and impact on Support fees.  So do sign up and download the simple but crucial resource guide.  Over the coming months we will supplement this guide with our own in-depth material.

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Check out this guide to useful and must have links to resources on the Oracle website.

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