Oracle Expands UK Presence with Dedicated Oracle Government Cloud

Oracle Cloud for UK Gov

Oracle Expands UK Presence with Dedicated Oracle Government Cloud

Oracle have made an interesting move by investing in Cloud for the UK Government. Data Sovereignty is a concern for many local and central government bodies and Public cloud if hosted outside of the UK, really is not an option. Oracle has been pushing it's on-prem Cloud Machine hard  and it has gained some new customers in the Government sector, but this announcement gives true public cloud capability with data residing in the UK.

New security measures and certifications enable UK government bodies to expand use of Oracle Cloud and transform citizen services.

Mike Parsons, Director General, Capabilities and Resources at the Home Office said, “The security of our data is of paramount importance to us. The solution Oracle has built for us is delivering the security we need, meaning we can confidently begin to move away from our existing on-premise infrastructure and realise the benefits of hosting our business-critical data in the public cloud.

Oracle’s dedicated UK Government Cloud with allow all elements of the UK Government to move workloads to the cloud while still meeting domestic security requirements and protocols. It builds on the broad portfolio of security and encryption solutions already in place and meets all HMG Cloud Security Principles. Additionally, Oracle UK Government Cloud has been awarded a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate, certifying Oracle’s public sector cloud solutions as meeting the standards endorsed by the UK Government. Along with Oracle’s recently-achieved ISO 27001 certification, Cyber Essentials Plus provides further validation of Oracle’s offerings in areas including security, protection and cyber security controls for the UK public sector market.

 Read the full Press Release Source Oracle Corporation, London, UK—10 July 2017

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