One Cloud Account Manager to Rule them All

Oracle to undergo major restructure of it's Sales Division in the UK

​Rumours abound of big changes in Oracle UK and also potential job loses. The Register also reported a "Massive Oracle Sales Re-org to accelerate Cloud cash drive" on May 3rd.

Oracle is restructuring sales to make more money from cloud, with industry chat claiming layoffs are expected after the end of this month.From Oracle’s new fiscal year, starting June 1, each Oracle customer will have a single account manager – instead of multiple managers for each Oracle product they use. The re-org has been described as Oracle’s biggest for a decade. From the start of June there will be one account manager for each of Oracle’s Pillar products – database, middleware, BI and hardware. Pillar sales engineers are, as a result, being chopped and will be replaced by a breed of Oracle employee currently in short supply – enterprise cloud architects.The exact size of the cuts is uncertain, but one report has Oracle preparing to cut up to two-thirds of its current sales force as soon as this summer. Oracle has a total head count of 136,000. Source The Register 

" From the start of June there will be one account manager for each of Oracle's Pillar products - database, middleware, Bi and hardware - The Register, Gavin Clarke

Oracle is currently in it's last month of it's Fiscal and as usual is doing it's final push to close off as much business in Q4. Q3 and Q4 are traditionally also Madora's busiest periods of the year with clients looking for validation and licence benchmarking. Oracle are also not unknown to pull the audit levers when things are not progressing as they would hope and we tend to also get involved in supporting clients during these challenging times.

Our contacts have been telling us that strong rumours indicate  Oracle is moving away from the several Sales specialists to something more akin to an Account Manager. This is a radical change as Larry seemed to have a view that several sales people calling into a customer was a good thing, much to the annoyance of customers and often to the sales reps. As Oracle on-premise software and hardware revenues decrease and they shift their focus increasingly to the Cloud platform, they are having to radically transform the sales operation also.  We mentioned earlier in the year the drive in recruitment to Oracle Direct (Now Oracle Digital), the telesales division based in Dublin, Amsterdam and Malaga.  Paying several sales reps who  often sell competing solutions (due to the diversity and acquisitions made), into an account causes not only frustration to the clients but must also be impacting the profits.  

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Oracle will have a job to re-educate it's sales teams. The days of bringing in your 'number' in Q4 via one or a few large deals is not sustainable as clients move to paying cloud subscriptions. I expect to see Oracle Sales Management putting more emphasis on Quarterly numbers and renewals.​  While The Register talks of big job loses I suspect there will be some culling as there always is in Q1 in the sales teams but perhaps not as drastic as some are saying. Most sales people have experience of a number of software or hardware areas so moving to sell Cloud which is clearly cross architecture will be doable for some.  The area I see more potential losses could  be in Presales called Sales Engineers in the US. These technical folks are often experts in their particular areas and have become increasingly specialised over the years. Unfortunately what is needed now is Cloud architects, who understand Compute, storage, networking and integration. This is a rare breed currently.