Madora Consulting and Oracle Licensing FAQs

Who are Madora Consulting?

We are Jane and Charles McCulloch, Julie Hatcher and Keith Dobbs. We also work with a number of trusted long established associates for larger projects.

Jane and Keith are the principals with a focus on delivery of Oracle License expertise. Charles is focused on project management and internal finance, Julie runs Oracle Software Asset management and is focussed on customer service and marketing.

Where does your company name come from?

The name came originally from McCulloch and Dobbs and Oracle and we put the words together basically and came up with the name. In greek Madora means ruler, and taking the meaning as a measure and a way of measuring licensing and usage, so we thought that was an apt name.

What is Madora’s background?

We founded the company in February 2012 though Jane had been working as a freelancer prior to that. Prior to setting up Madora Keith and Jane worked together for another Oracle License Consultancy for over twelve years between them both. Previously Keith and Jane had also both worked for Oracle. Jane had five years in license and support sales and Keith was five years as technical deployment Director.

What makes Madora the choice for Oracle License expertise?

Our Oracle pedigree is over 40 years between Keith, Jane and Julie. We are a small but specialist consultancy with a focus on providing independent client side advice. We also differ from some of the other firms in this space in that we primarily work with and through third parties to support them in their engagement with end users. Operating as a boutique firm Madora can absolutely maintain the highest level of service and accuracy needed.

What is Madora's vision for the future?

The next step for Madora is to continue to spread our expertise globally. We have proved a model very successfully in terms of remote working and with the technology today it really is possible to have a video call across the world.

What does Madora do?

We are Oracle license engineers, with a primary focus on four offerings; First responder to oracle audits, diagnosing audit risk, preventative software asset management and training.

Why hire Madora rather than a competitor?

We’ve got a long established knowledge of Oracle and Oracle licensing and wider than just technology. A few companies can do Oracle database and the options, but we believe not to the depth that we know it. We also have  the breadth  because we have knowledge of e-business suite, JD Edwards, Weblogic, Tuxedo, PeopleSoft, and Hyperion, and quite a lot of the other acquired companies licensing models as well. We also have more resources that we can call through our associates network,  that  also have a  high knowledge of Oracle licensing.

We’re a Software Asset Management company, why would we work with Madora Consulting?

We are specialists in Oracle so, when a large customer approaches one of the SAM vendors to ask for help we can provide deeper knowledge and experience.  Oracle may well be smaller of the customers partners but can be one of the most costly. We can help you deliver an outstanding service.

How can Madora help discovery tool vendors?

For the tool vendors, they can detect the usage, they can hold the contracts, but if they can’t interpret the output of those tools we provide the specialist Oracle knowledge to help the vendors interpret the output of their tools.

We also provide the intellectual advice to help software companies create additional modules so that software can discover Oracle software on a network in a data centre.

How can Madora help Oracle resellers?

For new projects requiring basic licenses the rules are usually straightforward and many resellers have good skills and resources to help their customers. However, many customers still have legacy licenses and need help making the best use of them and understanding what their best purchasing strategy is. They also need to understand how any new licenses will impact on their legacy estate or perhaps how to save costs on maintenance or re-use existing licenses in a better way.

Madora has the skills to help resellers provide the best possible service to their customers, without needing extra resources in-house.

We are an Oracle partner, what can you do to help?

As an Oracle consultancy, your company implements Oracle products and applications on behalf of customers, including technology, eBusiness Suite and Cloud applications.

Your Company may also sell software licences and have some understanding of the licences required for the architecture or solution you are setting up.

However, you may not have access to those Oracle licensing skills at the moment or you may not have the knowledge of the customer’s existing software licensing position and the implications of the new project.

Madora has the skills to help partners ensure that the architecture they propose is the most beneficial to the customer.

Why do I need consultancy from Madora when I already have a discovery tool ?

There are quite a lot of rules and regulations about how a tool is set up, although the tools will be able to discover where the software is, they may not be able to discover exactly how that translates into the licence terms and conditions that you have got because Oracle sells everything on non-standard terms and conditions.

Can Madora deal with ad hoc enquiries?

Yes, we deal with ad hoc queries and doing a one-off day here or there to help people out with specific problems, for example we’ve had people who’ve said, “we’re going to be audited by Oracle and we’re not sure what we’ve got,” or “they’ve come back and told us that we owe them half a million pounds, we don’t think that’s right, what can we do?”

Another example is when a contract comes up for renewal you can contact us because rather than leaping in and negotiate it yourself because you don’t know what impact you’ll have on what’s been done before so we’re welcome to get involved in that.

What geographies do you operate in ?

Primarily in the UK and in Europe but we also extend anywhere in the world because most of the work that we do can be done online, remotely, across Skype or using VPM links into systems.

How could Madora save an Oracle customer money?

At the moment customers spend money on buying licenses and they spend money on annual support. If they’re buying the wrong licences, they could be buying too many of a particular kind, so they are spending too much money. They could have spare licences because of projects that have finished but, they're not reusing them so that’s money they could save by reusing, recycling licences and they're not doing that. Or it could be they’ve purchased the wrong set of licences and they're spending money every year on support for those licences that they don’t need. The other thing is that they’ve set the architecture up in a less than optimal way so they're ending up buying licences they don’t need or they're in breach of the licences so that’s a risk for non-compliance because they’ve set it up incorrectly. Madora have the expertise to look at a customers Oracle estate to see if any such scenario is present.

Can Madora advise on reducing my annual support bill?

Yes. There’s special rules around support and what you can and cannot cancel and what you have to have on support and so people can think they can cancel licences but really they can’t, they can’t save any money by doing that. Certain ways of doing that to enable a customer to be able to reduce their support annual cost.

My IT estate is very complex, we have bought products over the last 15 years, we’ve got three geographies, we’ve made three acquisitions in the last five years so, just how would Madora assist me and prepare me for an audit in that scenario?

What we would do is start with a project planning and kick off meeting to understand exactly what you’ve got where in terms of your Oracle estate. We would look at the scope of your estate and the likely scope of the Oracle audit, because it might be that we can put this into different pieces for Oracle because they won’t necessarily audit all of your full company straight away. Therefore we can prioritise which bits to do, we can find out who the people are in the different countries that are responsible for this and basically put a project plan together to gather all of that information and we would talk to you about discovery tools so, help you to choose a suitable tool if that’s the best way of going or we can show you how much manual level will be needed to get the data if you prefer to do it that way.

I am a new procurement officer, just moved into a new role and I’m responsible for Oracle. I’ve got a question mark around some of the Oracle estate, I’ve got no idea what health it is in, what can you do to help? We don’t have a software asset management process in place, I don’t have the time to do it myself, I’m looking for a third party who can help me, is that something that Madora can help with?

Absolutely, what we could do is we could start with our basic risk assessment service which will come in and have a look at what you’ve got and see what areas we need to investigate further and then maybe prioritise that as to what needs doing first, what’s the highest risk, where your costs look out of proportion and then we can take it from there.

How secure is Madora's work and who do you share our information with?

We wouldn’t take any personal or secure data away, we’re basically only taking information away based on a rough script that looks at the size of the server for example and these are all scripts that have been generally written by Oracle so they're not our scripts and we’re not taking any information away that is proprietary to you.

We sign an NDA, and we can work through a VPN that can be as secure as you like, we can work with security tokens, obviously we would always work with password protected, encrypted if you like..

We can take the data away and make sure its destroyed and provide you with a certificate that the data has been destroyed if you need to go to that level of security or if it’s so secure that you can’t take data away, we can work on site.

What am I expecting to get delivered from Madora and what form does that service take?

We offer consultancy on a contract or ad-hoc basis, from an email help line through to a managed service, we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements and helps you give the best and most cost effective service to your valuable customers.

Does Madora work directly with end users?


Does Madora have a partner alliance programme?

Yes. Madora has a partnership and alliance programme. Terms and conditions to be agreed.

Do you offer Oracle Licensing training?

Yes, we offer a variety of training course online and classroom based.

Madora Company Culture

We focus on offering flexible solutions to meet our customers needs and our agile approach allows us to implement these quickly.

We pride ourselves on having excellent communications and work hard to maintain them at all times.

Everyone in the company is valued for their ideas, skills and knowledge; which can only help benefit our customers.

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