Madora Academy adds new Oracle Licensing Training

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The Madora Academy of Oracle Licensing Training is going from strength to strength with the addition of another course to the portfolio.  After some student feedback we created a Quick Start training course to help provide the core lessons in calculating Oracle Licensing for Processors and Named Users.

The Madora Academy adds new Quick Start Training

"A number of visitors and students said they did not need to understand the contract side of Oracle Licensing and wanted a quick self service tutorial to get the fundamentals. A lot of IT professionals familiar with Microsoft wanted to get a quick grounding in Oracle licensing.  - Jane McCulloch, Instructor at the Madora Academy

Oracle Licensing Quick Start

Looking for a quick refresher or quick introduction to calculating Oracle Licensing? Then this course is right for you.

The course includes 45 minutes of video lectures broken into 2-3 minutes lessons on average. The aim is to allow you to understand the fundamentals in the shortest amount of time.

This course is ideal for anyone working in IT who wants to understand the fundamentals of Oracle Licensing for the technology products such as Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Middleware. This Course will not get into the specifics of Contracts and Support renewals. We recommend the more extensive Foundation Course to cover other licensing topics and Oracle contracts.

Quick Start

Quick Start

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All this for just $97! But if you are quick you can get it for $67 by using this voucher - but hurry it expires on 31st December 2017  

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