Oracle Audit Risk Assessment

An Oracle Audit Risk Assessment is a short high-level investigation into the state of your Oracle licence estate. It will provide a report highlighting the risks, complexity and maturity of your Oracle licences, including contractual concerns and likely areas which may be in shortfall. In addition identifying whether you are a likely candidate for an Oracle Audit. This is not a full review, but may lead to further work including a more comprehensive review and optimisation of licences.

​Thanks for all the help. The meetings, communications and end report [Risk Assessment] were very useful and I do feel more comfortable about our licensing position as a result.

IT Manager
Media Company, UK

What is the process?

Initial kick-off meeting

Gather relevant information

Present Findings

What is the cost of not doing it?

Reacting to an Oracle Audit puts you on the back foot. Non-compliance can be very costly in terms of time, reputation and money. Oracle may charge not just for the under-license but also for any ‘unpaid’ back Support fees. Oracle don’t have to honour any Price Holds or previous discounts you may have negotiated.

Why do you need an assessment?

It makes sense to understand the risks you face within your Oracle estate, including possible areas of under-licensing and over-spend on Support. Be proactive and understand any exposure, then plan and budget for this spend. Madora can perform a quick diagnosis to determine whether a more detailed review needs to take place.

Sound good, so how much does it cost?

A typical Risk Assessment usually lasts between 3 and 5 days. with a day rate of £1,200 +VAT. After an initial meeting we will be able to determine the time to complete the work. 

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Oracle Audit Risk Assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions..

Q. How will you engage with me?

After an initial meeting, we typically work  remotely, using emails and conference calls

Q. Who will need to be involved?

  • IT director or similar role to provide the overview of the Oracle installation.
  • DBA to provide any technical information about the set up.
  • Procurement or finance to provide contracts and purchasing direction.

Q. What information will they need to provide?

  • Copies of contracts
  • Other licence paperwork
  • Support renewals​
  • Basic information on the architecture of the servers

Q. On-site or remote?

The majority of the work will be carried out remotely. However, the initial kick-off workshop and presentation of the findings can be carried out on site.

Q. How long will it take?

The work will typically take 3-5 days depending on the size and complexity of your Oracle licence estate. More complex would be a large variety of servers, Technology, Middleware and Applications with many different contracts for products bought over time. A simpler option would perhaps just consist of Technology or a vanilla eBusiness Suite implementation.

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