Is Oracle PaaS/IaaS finally getting traction with the large players

Is Oracle PaaS/IaaS finally getting traction with large players

Is Oracle PaaS/IaaS finally getting traction with large players

Oracle has been largely playing catch up to Amazon and Microsoft with their cloud infrastructure services as they were initially pretty slow in releasing Cloud. However, they have made significant strides and although they are a fair way behind Amazon with their first generation services, they look like they could make significant leaps with generation 2 cloud - Bare Metal.  Couple Bare Metal with Oracle's on-prem capability; The Cloud Machine and Oracle really does offer something the competition can't.  Oracle have made a number of announcements with  some large players adopting Oracle Cloud in recent months. In May Oracle announced a strategic agreement with AT& T.  see also Oracle Cloud Platform Customer Momentum accelerates Globally

“We believe that the future of the network is to be data-powered, to be software-centric, and to be fast and responsive..We call this three-pronged approach AT&T Network 3.0 Indigo, and it’s all about enabling a seamless and intuitive network experience for our customers. This collaboration with Oracle accelerates our network transformation and migration to the cloud to expand efficiency, performance, and reduce cost while improving overall customer service.”  -John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer

Interview with Oracle and AT&T CEO's on Cloud Adoption

Marc Ferranti in PCWorld shares a very informative Q&A session between Oracle's Mark Hurd and AT&Ts John Donovan.

See excerpt below.

IDG: So just to clarify -- are the databases going to the public cloud or are they going to the Cloud at Customer offering. Or is it a combination of both?

Donovan: From ATT’s perspective, certain data has a regulatory requirement that it sit inside our walls. Other data is capable of being moved to Oracle’s cloud and being consumed as a service. In addition to just looking at databases we also looked at applications, and within applications, capabilities like AI and machine learning, where we could create derived data – and some has to sit on premises, some off. We’re comfortable that we’ve partitioned the things on prem that need to stay on prem. Then we have this added dimension of having this stuff secure in motion. So our data is secure at rest and it's secure in motion whether it is in our data center or in an Oracle facility .

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