5Fatal Mistakes Part2

5 Fatal mistakes of Oracle Licensing Rules – Part 2

Oracle Licensing Rules – Five Fatal Mistakes Part 2. Following on from the first 5 Fatal Mistakes of Oracle Licensing, we have had lots of great feedback on some other ‘fatal’ mistakes.  Thank you to Piaras Macdonnel, Johnnyq72 and @limesoftwareuk.We have complied a list of five further gotchas which those new to Oracle licensing need […]

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9 Key Rules of Oracle Licensing

Follow these Nine Keys Rules of Oracle Licensing to maximise your Oracle investment 1) Establish proof of ownership, gather together all the licence agreements, support renewals, contracts and correspondence. That’s right go and check those old files in the cupboard; speak to the Finance team and understand what Support fees you pay and when. 2) […]

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Oracle Audit Temperature Madora

10 Question Oracle License Audit Thermometer

  Take the 10 Question Oracle License Audit Thermometer Have you got a temperature?   Answer Yes or No to each of these 10 questions and add up your scores to find just how Audit Hot you are. It is no secret that Oracle LMS now routinely roll through customers on a periodic basis. You […]

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Don’t wait for an Oracle audit – be proactive

Don’t wait for an Oracle audit be proactive. Licence exposure is primarily impacted by any changes or breaches of your Oracle agreement(s), increase in usage, or where the physical architecture has changed inadvertently and therefore affected your usage. As an IT Manager, Procurement professional or Software Asset Manager it is worth keeping a mental note […]

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Madora Consulting Licence Experts

Oracle Licence Experts

Oracle Licence Experts “All roads lead back to Madora” Did you know that Madora Consulting can help Oracle end users? In the past we have provided specialist support to partners lacking Oracle expertise. We are pleased to say that we are growing and can also provide advice to end users whether big or small. Some […]

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Reduce Oracle Support Part 1

Are you paying Oracle support on licenses you do not use? (Part 1)

How to Perform  an OPEX review on Oracle Support. “Just when you think you have a case to reduce support you get a swerve ball. “ In this difficult economic climate, we are all under pressure to reduce costs and support and maintenance renewals are often getting increasingly scrutinised. For a number of reasons customers […]

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Software Asset Management For Oracle Licensing

According to ITIL, Software Asset Management (SAM) is defined as “…all the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of the life cycle.” For most organisations the objectives of a SAM strategy are to reduce IT costs and limit business and legal risk related to […]

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