Exadat Private Cloud

Exadata – Your own personal cloud – The Great Crusade Act 1

Are you thinking about expanding your Engineered Systems environment with Oracle Exadata or in the middle of planning your Exadata migration?  Madora Consulting takes you back in time to when Exadata was first used by King Rougebois as a siege machine in his fight against the forces of  SAP. The Great Crusade – Act 1 […]

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To Unlimited Licence Agreement or not to ULA

Do you already have a ULA and are approaching your end of term declaration? Does it seem easier just to extend the ULA? Are you tempted to take on your first ULA? Then before you do anything read our mindmap to help guide your decision. Click to download PDF I just downloaded the Oracle ULA […]

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Reducing your support bill – Charlie CIO – Episode 1

Welcome to Charlie the Chief Information Officer of ACME Inc.  Charlie gets the dreaded call from his boss requesting him to reduce the company’s annual support bill.  Charlie knows only too well from past experience what lies ahead. Enjoy this spoof of Charlie the CIO and his very friendly IT supplier.  Sound familiar? Do you […]

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Madora Consulting Licence Experts

Oracle Licence Experts

Oracle Licence Experts “All roads lead back to Madora” Did you know that Madora Consulting can help Oracle end users? In the past we have provided specialist support to partners lacking Oracle expertise. We are pleased to say that we are growing and can also provide advice to end users whether big or small. Some […]

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The Oracle License Experts bring you “The Anthem to Technology”

 The Oracle of Rougebois – The Anthem to Technology Tudor England was a great time of change in England and some of the Tudor Kings and Queens remain some of England’s most famous.  For example, King Rougebois, known for his European crusade in his fight against the forces of Koenig SAP.  The heroine of the […]

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Madora Consulting

The Oracle of Rougebois Act 3

The story so far….The miller and his family have rented the mill at Skidby from King Rougebois for several years now, during which they have modernised the mill and added more grindstones. However in order to fight the forces of Koenig SAP to establish dominance in Europe, the King needs more funds and sets Lord […]

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Reduce Oracle Support Part 1

Are you paying Oracle support on licenses you do not use? (Part 1)

How to Perform  an OPEX review on Oracle Support. “Just when you think you have a case to reduce support you get a swerve ball. “ In this difficult economic climate, we are all under pressure to reduce costs and support and maintenance renewals are often getting increasingly scrutinised. For a number of reasons customers […]

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The Oracle of Rougebois Act 2

The Oracle of Rougebois subtitled “Much ado about everything” The story so far….The miller and his family have rented the mill in Skidby from King Rougebois for several years now.  During this period the miller has modernised  the mill, adding more grindstones and worked in cooperation with the great mill at Alford in Lincolinshire. However […]

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The Oracle of Rougebois Act 1

The Oracle of Rougebois Subtitled “Much ado about everything” It is said that we can learn from history, that there are parallels in the past. Even in the realm of software licensing, our forebears have been there before as can be seen in this recently unearthed play from ancient England. Does this feel familiar to […]

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