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Don't fall foul of Multi-chip Modules

Don’t fall foul of Multi-chip Modules

Don’t fall foul of Multi-chip ModulesWe are finding that many Oracle users are being caught out by the new architecture of the AMD 6100 and upward series processors, mounted in G34 sockets. Inside these processors there can be two processor chips. This means that if you are using Oracle Database Standard Edition, Standard Edition One […]

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Can you use your Oracle licenses in non-Oracle Cloud platforms?

Can you use your Oracle licenses in non-Oracle Cloud platforms?

Can you use your Oracle licenses in non-Oracle Cloud platforms?Christopher Barnett of Scott & Scott LLP wrote an article addressing the concerns many clients are now having as they start to take advantage of the Cloud platforms available to them. Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have a large market share and both can run Oracle […]

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5 Ways to reduce your Oracle Support Costs

Do you have renewals coming up? We often see this as a time when the renewal fees are put into question. Here are five ways to reduce your Oracle support bill today.
1.Use a third party support company rather than Oracle
2.Don’t Use Oracle
3.Convert your Oracle Support into Cloud credits
4.Check to see if you are paying support on licenses not being used
Let’s look at these in turn.

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How to save on licensing fees by re-platforming Oracle on Dell EMC

How To Save On Licensing Fees By Re-Platforming Oracle On Dell EMC Bart Sjerps of Dell EMC and our own Keith Dobbs presented a webinar on reducing Oracle Licensing Costs via re-platforming on Dell and EMC. This was an extremely well attended webinar and really dived into a lot of misunderstanding and myths surrounding licensing […]

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What does Oracle cloud mean in terms of licensing?

What does Oracle cloud mean in terms of licensing? Photo courtesy of dgtlchkn(CC Attribution) In a recent interview with TechTarget, Madora’s Software licensing expert Keith Dobbs explained how Oracle’s cloud focus has affected its licensing policies and how Oracle Cloud at Customer could change things for on-premises users. The interview covers the following points: How […]

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Do you Need Help with an Oracle Review?

Help with an Oracle Review What is a review? Often we talk to Oracle Users when they have either been reviewed or have been recently approached by Oracle to carry out a review. There is a lot of misunderstanding between a ‘review’ and an ‘audit’. The problem is that for many end users they think […]

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[Slideshare] The Nine Rules of Oracle Licensing

If you are responsible for the Oracle Licences be sure to understand these key rules: Can you prove your ownership? Do you have contracts to hand? Are you measuring your usage? Are you clear on how your access methods and architecture affect your licence position? Learn more  in the latest slide deck from Madora Consulting. […]

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Using Third Party Support for Oracle with Rimini Street

In this interview with Jill Harrison Managing Director for Rimini Street in Europe, we learn about alternative  Oracle support models for Oracle and SAP customers. Listen to the podcast or read the notes below to find out more about: Rimini Street’s third party Oracle support offering; How Rimini Street Compares to Oracle Support and other […]

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How to Reduce your Oracle Annual Support renewal

Hi, I’m Kay Williams. Today I’m joined by Julie Hatcher Director of SAM programmes at Madora consulting. One area that Madora specializes in is advising Oracle customers on how they can reduce their Oracle annual support bill. Can you just run through some general advice and some tips that you would give an Oracle customer who […]

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Reduce Oracle Support costs with Spinnaker Support

In this interview with Nigel Pullan VP EMEA of Spinnaker Support, we learn about alternative  Oracle support models for Oracle customers The opinions expressed and information given in this article are those of the interviewee and do not reflect the views of (or anyone affiliated with) Madora Consulting  I’m Kay Williams from Madora Consulting. Today […]

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