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Advanced training Course Madora

Madora Consulting releases its first two Advanced Modules in September

Madora Consulting has added the first two advanced modules to it's successful Madora Academy of Oracle Licensing Training. The new modules, available since September 2017 include detailed training on Virtualisation and other architectural implications and how to deal with the famous Oracle Audit.

If you signup for the pre-release you can get massive early bird discounts and lock in value before the prices go up in December.  There is also a bundle for both the Advanced course which also includes an early bird discount.

All this for just $97 if you sign up before December.

All this for just $60 if you sign up before December.

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To learn more about the other training courses Madora Consulting offer, see the Madora Academy.

We also offer Corporate Licenses if you require multiple seats. Check out the Madora Academy and drop us a line if you have any questions.