Providing Clarity to Oracle Licensing

Thank you for creating such a great product overall (Foundation Training Course). I am going to send my team on the course and take the additional courses myself.

Asset Manager
Construction Industry Business, UK

We contacted Madora part way through a formal licence audit by Oracle LMS as we were not confident that Oracle had assessed our compliance correctly. Madora were very responsive, giving initial advice the same day we contacted them and beginning a full review the following day. Madora provided us with detailed guidance on our actual licence compliance and advised us on the approach to negotiating a fair and equitable settlement.

As a result of engaging Madora we successfully challenged Oracle’s audit findings and reduced the amount payable to 25% of their initial demand.

On-Line Retailer, UK

Thanks for all the help. The meetings, communications and end report

[Risk Assessment] were very useful and I do feel more comfortable about our licensing position as a result.

IT Manager
Media Company, International

I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the Oracle course a couple of weeks ago. The course was excellent value for money, and provided much room for thought. I went away convinced that I knew far much more about Oracle licensing than when I entered the building, even though I have been working on Oracle licensing for eighteen months or so.

IT Manager
Manufacturing Company, UK

Thank you for your expert advice and support during our Oracle Audit process. Having Madora's resources, knowledge and guidance, at hand, throughout this period helped tremendously to make what could have been a very stressful process into a knowledgeable learning experience.

IT Director
Financial Services, UK

​Thank you for your expert guidence during the Oracle Audit. Your experience and knowlwdge proved invaluable throughout the audit process. I highly recommend Madora, if you have any concerns or questions with Oracle Licensing,

IT Director
Energy Sector, UK

Find out how Madora Consulting can help you with Oracle licensing and discuss your situation in confidence by scheduling a call back.

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Who are Madora Consulting?

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Madora Consulting was founded to provide Oracle licensing knowledge to organisations operating within the Oracle ecosystem.

With over forty combined years of Oracle experience, Madora endeavour to share their expertise to reduce the risks, costs and the complexity associated with Oracle Licensing.

Operating from the UK, but with a global reach, Madora provide expert consultancy advice to all levels of customer, both remotely and on-site.

Our clients include; direct end users, managed service providers, resellers and other third-party partners.